(DM16) Epilogue

“I’m in love with an angel who’s afraid of the light / Her halo is broken but there’s fight in her eyes”

“Angel,” Theory of a Deadman

It was winter of Sirius’s sixth year and he was waiting at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.  He was waiting for Lux, and he was getting rather impatient.

“I’m here!” she whispered as she ran through the tree line.  She slipped through the snow and Sirius had to catch her, holding her close to his body and just breathing in her scent.  “What did you need to see me about?”

“I’m seventeen,” he stated.

“I know.  We celebrated,” she began hesitantly.  “What is this about?”  She hadn’t moved away.  Instead she remained nestled in his arms.

“Oh, damn the old gods,” Sirius murmured, leaning down and kissing her.  It was merely the whisper of a kiss before he pulled away and he looked down at her, searching her violet eyes.

“Sirius, we can’t,” she stressed.

“Why not?  I’m in love with you, Lux.  In love with you.  I know I’m crazy, but you’re my heart and soul, Lux.  You guard them for me.”  He ran his hand up her neck and buried it in her hair.  She always wore it down when it was just the two of them because they were godsiblings—the word was too horrible to mention.

“But the magic—“

“Are you in love with me?” he demanded.  “Lux, it’s just you and me.  It’s not the Blacks, it’s not the Kingsleys, and it’s definitely not the Malfoys.”

“I just,” she looked about her in confusion.  “Sirius, you shouldn’t say such things.”

Sirius pressed his forehead to hers.  “Lux, remember what we said when we were children?  That this didn’t seem like a godsibling bond?  How our hearts beat as one and we didn’t understand it?  Now I do.  I love you.”

“But, Sirius—“

“I don’t care that you’re a blood purist, or a snotty Ravenclaw, or that your uncle is probably out torturing Muggles right now.  I don’t care that you’d sooner curse a person than ask them a fair question.  I love you.  Stop making excuses.  If you don’t love me, tell me, and we’ll forget this ever happened, but if you do—Lux, if you do—“

“Then what?”

“We’ll figure it out,” he decided.  “I’m not a Marauder for nothing.  Say you love me.”

“I’m going to muggle hell for this,” she whispered before she leaned up and kissed him.  He swept her into his arms and they just breathed each other in.

“What do we do now?” Lux asked in fear.

“I’ll figure something out,” he promised.  “For now we keep it secret,” he whispered.  He kissed her again and she met him eagerly.

When they finally parted, Sirius watched her go, a smile on his face. He turned back toward the castle, but found the form of James Potter waiting for him.  “It’s a sin,” he stated.  “She’s your godsibling.”

Sirius just brushed past him.  “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” he dismissed.  “Go chase after Evans instead of spying on your friends.”

He walked away, not noticing the gleam in James Potter’s eyes.

The End.

One thought on “(DM16) Epilogue

  1. Wow .. this was a wonderfully unique and special story. I was hooked from the first word and read all throughout the day until the last (word).
    Fantastic !
    Thank you for writing and sharing 💖💖💖


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