An Excentryke Confession

the cookie monster somehow became my unofficial icon back around 2005.

Who is Cen?

I am an eccentric (middle english: excentryke). I spent too much time as a preteen reading the Oxford English Dictionary and traced the history of my favourite word, which developed into my first lj username–and it stuck. After I deleted my first account “to concentrate on RL”, I came back just a few months later and didn’t want to buy back to the username excentryke. Being the wordsmith that I unfortunately am, I came up with the idea of having an eccentric muse … or excentrykemuse. It was a bit vexing typing it out (it is long), so I took out a piece of paper and played with it, coming up with the name cen.

I dabbled in fanfiction roughly between 2004 and 2009. I fell into the wormhole of Bible fanfiction and somehow my interest in it landed me an interview for a coveted job in a local cafe … in this case, reality is stranger than fiction.

Around 2009, a(n evil) friend suggested that I not read Pride and Prejudice for the fifteenth time or watch Lost in Austen again (I had it memorized)… and why didn’t I just try fanfiction?

This led to excessive reading in P&P fandom and my first attempt at anything substantial: Forgotten First Impressions. I next fell into Harry Potter slash pairings, strangely enough, which morphed into a love of rare pairings and crossovers.

I tried to quit (remember the haters in 2012?) but that never really stuck for long. I ended up shifting into the world of “rule 63” and then ended up on ao3 in 2018. However, I never felt that I had complete control of my fic, and decided that while I love that archive, I didn’t want my works posted there.

Fast forward to one mad night in July 2020: I decided to purchase my own domain and just load my fic here, because I could, where I can always control it and hopefully someone who wants to read it and escape reality might do so. … so, in the end, you, my faithful reader, ultimately benefit.

Thoughts? Questions? Requests? No hate, please! —contact me here.

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