Blondie (Cave Kisses Expanded) Beta-Reader Needed

So, you may be wondering what happened to NaNoWriMo 2022. Well, around November 12th (25k words in), I realized I needed a major overhaul because I had missed a key plot point in chapter one. This is occasionally what happens when you just start writing and then have a brainwave two weeks in. Starting JanuaryContinue reading “Blondie (Cave Kisses Expanded) Beta-Reader Needed”


Title: Dangerous Author: ExcentrykeMuse Word Count: 1.4k Rating: PG/PG-13 Prompt: Insomniareid: Bella/Nigel (Charlie countryman) please! Warning(s): Reckless Bella, Murder, Nigel being Nigel Dangerous Bella fell out of love with Edward the moment she slammed into him and tried to push him into the shadows.  She screamed and pounded on his chest, begging him to stepContinue reading “Dangerous”

Mr. Collins’ Sister

Title: Mr. Collins’ Sister Author: ExcentrykeMuse Word Count: 2.5k Rating: PG Prompt: Shelby6666: Pride and prejudice please!
Congratulations on your new position!! Note from Author: I am in a Matt Smith mood.  Matt Smith wonderfully played Parson Collins in Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and a slightly more elegant version of him is imagined here inContinue reading “Mr. Collins’ Sister”

The Patient

Title: The Patient Author: ExcentrykeMuse Word Count: 1k Rating: PG-PG13 Prompt: Amaelle15: I don’t think it will work for an invit. But I would love to see a Bella/Hannibal Lecter. “What if Edward couldn’t read Bella’s mind because Bella didn’t accept her true nature: a killer? What if after he leaves, Hannibal becomes her psychiatristContinue reading “The Patient”

Odd Phrases

Title: Odd Phrases Author: excentrykemuse Fandom(s): Twilight Saga & Pride and Prejudice Pairing(s): Bella/Darcy, (slight) Darcy/Elizabeth Word Count: 1.6k Rating: G Prompt: Facacciobread: I particularly love your Twilight/Pride and Prejudice crossovers, but I can understand if you feel you’ve written enough of those already. If it interests you, it’d be really cool to see aContinue reading “Odd Phrases”

Perfectly Imperfect

TITLE: Perfectly Imperfect Author: ExcentrykeMuse Fandom(s): Pride & Prejudice / Harry Potter Series Pairing(s): Harry Potter / Fitzwilliam Darcy Word Count: 1k Rating: PG Prompt: mebubbles: Congratulations! Wishing you the best in your new job.
Could I get Harry dropped in Pride & Predjudice or Darcy dropped in the Wizarding World? Can’t wait to see othersContinue reading “Perfectly Imperfect”