Invisible String

Title: Invisible StringAuthor: ExcentrykeMusePairing(s): Harry Potter/Eloise Bridgerton, Daphne/Duke of Hastings, Ron/HermioneFandom(s): Harry Potter Series/Bridgerton Written: 3 April 2023Wordcount: 1.6kRating: PG Prompt: For Sara who wanted Harry Potter/Eloise Bridgerton.  Sorry I almost lost this prompt!  It’s a pinch hit but last is not least! Invisible String Harry disliked balls.  He only ever came because Hermione likedContinue reading “Invisible String”

Wyrd Sister

Title: Wyrd Sister (Lestrange Hermione)Author: Excentrykemuse Pairing(s): Hermione/Lord VoldemortSeries: Wicked Stepmother UniverseFandom(s): Harry Potter Series Wordcount: 14.5kStatus: AbandonedRating: PG A/N: I wrote this 2018? 2019? It was my second Hermione/Wicked Stepmother after “Regulus Hermione”, which may or may not be released soon. This is imperfect, but with the renewed interest in the Wicked Stepmother Universe,Continue reading “Wyrd Sister”


Title: ShiitakesAuthor: Excentrykemuse Fandom(s): Harry Potter Series / Twilight SagaPairing(s): Bella Swan/Severus Snape, (past) Bella/Edward Rating: PGWord Count: 1.6k Warning(s): do we hate Edward?, time discrepancy (takes place during the First War), mentions of death eaters and Voldemort, blood supremacyPrompt: for Roxanne Hall who wanted Bella and a slightly younger Severus Shiitakes “I need shiitakes,”Continue reading “Shiitakes”

Fortuitous Misunderstanding

Title: Fortuitous MisunderstandingAuthor: ExcentrykeMuse Fandom(s): Pride & PrejudicePairing(s): Elizabeth/Darcy, (not really) Elizabeth/Mr. Collins, Mary/Mr. CollinsWordcount: 1kRating: PGWritten: 6 March, 2023 Warning(s): marriage without lovePrompt: for Shelby666 who loved “Coffeehouse” (p&p) Fortuitous Misunderstanding Elizabeth Bennet was trying desperately to escape from Mr. Collins.  He was perhaps suitable in that he was to inherit the estate, butContinue reading “Fortuitous Misunderstanding”


Title: AshmoureAuthor: ExcentrykeMuse Fandom(s): Pride & Prejudice / Twilight Saga / Vampire DiariesPairing(s): Darcy/Bella, (past) Bella/Edward Wordcount: 3.7kRating: PG Warning(s): frostbite, Twilight vampires, Vampire Diaries vampires, open ending, Darcy never married ElizabethPrompt: for Rebecca is Cool who wanted Bella/Darcy where Darcy is a vampire and Bella meets him after the Cullens Ashmoure Bella had lostContinue reading “Ashmoure”


Title: Motherless (Wicked Stepmother Universe)Author: ExcentrykeMuse Fandom(s): Harry Potter SeriesPairing(s): (slight) Hermione/Voldemort, (slight) Regulus/VoldemortWordcount: 2.7kRating: PGWritten: 4-6 March, 2023 Warning(s): stolen children, pureblood fanatics, pureblood shenanigans, reincarnationPrompt: for foccacciabread who wanted Wicked Stepmother with Hermione Motherless Hermione remembered the first time she heard the name “Black.”  She had gotten out a subscription to The DailyContinue reading “Motherless”

Lavender Haze

Title: Lavender HazeAuthor: ExcentrykeMuse Fandom(s): Harry Potter Series / Pride & PrejudicePairing(s): Fem!Harry/Darcy WordCount: 1kRating: PGWritten: 6 March, 2023 Warning(s): rule 63, squib!Harry, Taylor Swift references, suggestions of illegitimacy, evil stepmother FlorencePrompt: for mariannedupre06 who wanted Fem!Harry/Darcy Lavender Haze She was a vision in lavender in an assembly of otherwise dull colors or pale fabrics. Continue reading “Lavender Haze”

Poker Face

Title: Poker FaceAuthor: ExcentrykeMuse Fandom(s): Twilight Saga / Charlie CountrymanPairing(s): Bella Swan/Nigel, (past) Bella/Edward Word Count: 1.1kWritten: 4 March 2023Rating: R (for language) Warning(s): language, mentions of suicide, mentions of drug use, we don’t like EdwardPrompt: for insomniareid who wanted Nigel (Countryman) x Bella Poker Face Oregon was not exactly where Nigel thought he’d endContinue reading “Poker Face”

Trump Card

Title: Trump CardAuthor: ExcentrykeMuse Fandom(s): Pride & Prejudice / Twilight SagaPairing(s): Bella Swan/Darcy Word Count: 2kRating: PG Warning(s): Wickham, mentions of gambling, mentions of prostitution, Darcy forgets Elizabeth Bennet as soon as he sees Bella Swan, sorry Edward—we hate youPrompt: for publicstaticvoid who asked for a p&p crossover with the infamous Mr. Wickham Trump CardContinue reading “Trump Card”