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National Novel Writing Month

ExcentrykeMuse’s NaNoWriMo 2022 Novella has now been posted– Cave Kisses (Expanded Edition). 20k. Bella/Tony Stark.

Follow her progress on her official profile and on the blog.

Recently Filled Prompts

March 2023. Prompts are now closed. Prompts will begin posting 3/17/23. Check the blog or go to the prompt hub to read the latest and see the posting schedule.

BBC Sherlock

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

  • A Rose for a Bride (xover with “Lux Kingsley Divergence” of the Harry Potter Series) (Adam/OFC, 4k, G/PG)

Bridgerton (TV Series)

  • Eloise & Darcy (xover with Pride an Prejudice)(Eloise Bridgerton/Darcy, PG)
  • Invisible String (xover with Harry Potter Series)(Eloise Bridgerton/Harry Potter, 1.6k, PG, Prompt Fill)
  • Soulbite (xover with Pride and Prejudice & Twilight Saga)(Anthony Bridgerton/Bella Swan, 1.7k, PG)(Prompt Fill)

Belle (2014)

  • La Belle Dame (Downton Abbey, English Patient, Harry Potter [if you squint], Beauty and the Beast [2017][if you squint]) (multiple pairings, 19k, PG13)
  • For Love of Æneas (xover with Beauty&the Beast [2014]) (Beast/Dido, 11k, PG)
  • The Grecian Temple (xover with P&P)(Dido/Fitzwilliam, Bette/Darcy, Elizabeth/Darcy, 20k, PG)

Downton Abbey (xover with the Twilight Saga)

Game of Thrones

Hannibal Extended Universe

  • Dangerous (Charlie Countryman/Twlight Saga xover)(Nigel/Bella, 1.4k, PG13)(Prompt Fill)
  • Lord Black (Hannibal/Harry, xover with Harry Potter Series, 1k, PG) (Prompt Fill)
  • ManEater Universe (Hannigram, Mycroft/Mischa, xover with BBC Sherlock, NaNoWriMo projects)
    • ManEater (Hannigram, 50k, MA)(NaNoWriMo 2020 project)
    • ManEater 2
  • The Patient (xover with Twilight Series) (Hannibal/Bella Swan, 1k, PG13) (Prompt Fill)
  • Ravenstag (xover with Harry Potter Series) (Hannibal/Harry, 1.5k, PG)(Prompt Fill)
  • The Secret Ingredient (xover with Harry Potter Series) (Hannibal/Harry, ~3k, PG)
  • A Walk Through Florence (xover with Harry Potter Series)(Hannibal/Harry, 1.5K, PG)(Prompt Fill)
  • Miscalculation (xover with Harry Potter Series)(Hannibal/Harry, 1.5k, PG)(Prompt Fill)
  • Poker Face (Charlie Countryman / Twilight Saga xover)(Nigel/Bella, 1.1k, R)(Prompt Fill)
  • The Wendigo’s Secret Crush (xover with Addams Family / Harry Potter Series)(Hannibal/fem!Harry, features Will Graham, 8k, PG13)
  • What If (xover with Harry Potter Series)(Hannibal/Harry, 1.3k, PG)(Prompt Fill)

Harry Potter Series

Chaptered Fics

Series and Collections

One Shots and Short Fics

Man in the High Castle

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

  • Cave Kisses (Expanded Edition)(xover with Twilight Saga)(Tony/Bella Swan, 20k, PG13)(NaNoWriMo 2022)
    • Cave Kisses (xover with Twilight Saga)(Tony/Bella Swan, 2.5k, PG)(Prompt Fill)
  • Enchanted (FrostIron, mpreg, 16k+, PG13, unfinished)
  • Perfect Illusion (xover with Harry Potter Series)(Tony/Lily, Harry/Loki, 30k, PG13, unfinished)

Outlander Series

Marco Saga

  • Marco (Darcy/OFC, Bingley/Amanda, Regency, 20k, PG)

Pride and Prejudice

Star Trek

the Twilight Saga / Vampire Diaries

Prompt & Challenges & Drabble Collections

Is Something Missing??

Is there a fic I wrote or collaborated on that you think should be on here? Are you dying for an alternate version that was eventually replaced? I’m always willing to listen and look through my harddrive!

17 thoughts on “Fanatical Fanfics

  1. Hello!

    I absolutely love all of your work. I just thought I’d let you know that the Ivy Kissed link doesn’t work. It just says the page can’t be found. Thank you so much for creating this website. You’ve been greatly missed.



  2. Oh my gosh, I’m so happy I decided to google your name and found this website! I’d all but given up hope on finding your fanfics again and here they all are. Thank you so much for posting them! I totally undestand why you came off the fanfic sites but I’m soooo happy!


      1. I am interested in it. I would also love it you were able to finish the Red Ribbon story about Harry and Viktor if your muse is so inclined.


    1. I am in the process of formatting for the site. All chapters should be live at 2 pm EST. A link will be posted automatically to tumblr, twitter, and if you’re subscribed to the site, you’ll get each chapter delivered to your inbox. 🙂


  3. I’m so happy to find you again. Loved you works all those years ago and almost cried when you deleted everything. I had just a few stories saved and a chapter from Fairy Dust, and it was the reason I’ve decided to try and find the whole thing, but found you all over again! It’s like a Christmas gift.


  4. Did you write a story where Lily is the younger half sister of Lucius Malfoy and once she is found she starts courting LV? And he calls her beloved?


    1. Hi! Yes, I did. It’s part of the Wicked Stepmother Universe and I will dig it up for you. It’s in my files somewhere (so many files!). So sorry it took me so long to respond to this, but I’ll respond again when it’s up and posted! cen


    1. Hi, Lex. Please check my “Prompt Hub” linked at the top of the page. “Motherless” is being posted tomorrow, April 4th, at about 6 or 7pm Eastern. I hope you enjoy it then! cen


      1. Thank you so much for replying! I absolutely love your Wicked Stepmother Series and am very excited for Motherless!🥰


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