Prompts Open

Prompts are now open until Wednesday, March 1st, 2023. It’s that time of the year. Please post multiple prompts so that I have wonderful choices. I may even write up more than one if inspiration strikes. Crossovers welcome. You know my usual fandoms, if you have any questions, just go to Fanatical Fanfics and see what I usually write.

Happy plot bunny inspirations!

Prompts are now CLOSED. 3/1/2023

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12 thoughts on “Prompts Open

  1. Mr. Darcy/Daphne Bridgerton? I think it would be interesting if the Diamond didn’t choose a Duke.

    Anthony Bridgerton/Bella Swan? Perhaps something with soulmate marks? Or something where Bella is a Darcy relative?

    Hannibal Lecter/Daphne Bridgerton or Eloise Bridgerton? He is a Count!

    Mr. Darcy/Narcissa Black? If you wanted a rare pairing crossover.


  2. Is it possible to do a sequel/one-shot to your Hannibal/Harry Potter/Addams Family fic? Where their son or daughter goes to Hogwarts and causes havoc 😂

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  3. Hello! I’ve enjoyed your stories for years now, with my favorites being the HP fanfics, especially Amortentia.

    Would you write something of the asoiaf fandom with a gold-digger like seduction that becomes love? Perhaps a P&P xover with the infamous Mr Wickam, but the prompt is enough, really.

    I’m about to binge read all the stories I haven’t yet and I’m excited for the fem!Harry/Brandon that I just saw. Thanks for being such an amazing author with such lovely ideas!


  4. Hi!
    I love all your fics but I particularly like the Marauder Era and P&P ones.
    So I’d like to see a FemHarry/Darcy.
    Also all your Harry/Hannibal fics are awesome.
    And last but not least, I really like your Harry/James I fics, you’re the only one that creates a real plot and doesn’t make them super sordid.

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  5. So, not quite a prompt, but would you be interested/consider posting a summary/bullet point list of what would have happened in Red Ribbon and/or Sweetheart if you had finished them?

    Other actual prompts:

    Luna Lovegood/Bella Swan (either good friends or lovers, no preference, but I think they’d have an interesting dynamic regardless)

    Something else in the Wicked Stepmother-verse with courting shenanigans. Maybe for Hermione instead of Lily though?

    Maybe something with Charlie Swan? -he’s such an underrated character with so much potential. Can include or exclude Bella as a side character.

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  6. Hi, I love everything you write but but particularly your Marauder Era and P&P fics.
    I’d really like to see a FemHarry/Darcy.
    I also love your Harry/James I fics, you’re the only one that really creates a plot and doesn’t make it into something super sordid.
    I also like the idea of Sirius and Regulus having a sister.

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  7. Love your stories!! I am asking for Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth and Darcy. I loved the coffeehouse! Thank you. I hope all is going well with your job.


  8. Bella/Darcy where Darcy is a vampire and Bella meets him after/before the cullens?
    Bella/Spock in Pride and Prejudice would be amazing.
    Harry/Hannibal where Harry moves away from Britain and takes on a new name: Will Graham.


  9. Bella and Tony… Bella is Nicklaus Mikaelson’s twin.
    Bella and a slightly younger Severus Snape or Lucius Malfoy.
    Bella and Damon Salvatore.
    I loved reading Cave Kisses!!!!


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