Accepting Prompts

Hey, world! To celebrate going back to work (and not living on the internet), I’m accepting prompts! You know what I write, throw something at me! The more prompts you throw, the more likely my imagination is to thrive!

(I reserve the right to let you know if I cannot accept a prompt for whatever reason)

I’ll probably close next Wednesday (03/18/2021)!

Much love, cen

Published by excentrykemuse

Fanfiction artist and self critic.

12 thoughts on “Accepting Prompts

  1. I would love to see some harry potter and avenger cross over. Especially where harry is related to one of them.


  2. I love your stories. I have three ideas

    1) Pureblood Society: Female!Neville and Blaise Zabini- Zabini through his contacts hear about some plot for someone to misuse the Longbottom heiress. He has loved her from afar since 11

    2) Hannibal: Female!HArry catches the attention of Hannibal. My idea is some fusion of pureblood society and Hannibal

    3)Pride and Prejudice: Bella and another Darcy story. Or how about Bella and an original character ( from the era of Pride and Prejudice) who happens to be landed gentry. I love the Regency period.


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