NaNoWriMo Quote: Day 28

Will squeezed Hannibal’s hand weakly, not quite feeling up to trying to say anything else, and it was the steady sound of the heart monitor that lulled him back asleep.

… He woke again briefly just before midnight, the moon wide and full and orange above his head.  Garrett Jacob Hobbs was huddling beneath the tree off to his left, hands over his head as if to protect himself, whimpering as his fate in hell was forever sealed.

… It was the bright, artificial light of the hospital that eventually roused Will from his dream-filled hallucinations.  He blinked, once, then twice, his eyelashes sticking together from his eyes being closed so long.

excentrykemuse, ManEater, Chapter 13

Words Written Today (Day 28): 4,547 words

Total Words Written: 45,233 words

Words Needed to Complete NaNo: 4,767

Days Left: 2 Days, 3 Hours, 35+ minutes

Published by excentrykemuse

Fanfiction artist and self critic.

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