Accepting Prompts

I want to get my creative juices flowing, so I’m currently accepting prompts.

Every submittee will get one drabble by September 1 (or thereabouts) … and, who knows, it could just expand, as these things so often do.

Fandom choices (will consider others):

  • Harry Potter
  • Harry Potter xover
  • Pride & Prejudice
  • Hannibal (TV, movies, whatever)
  • Stark Trek (2009)
  • Sherlock (BBC)


  • slash
  • rare pairing
  • no femslash (sorry in advance)
  • no threesomes (sorry not sorry)

This will be open for approximately a week (8/6/20 – ish).

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Fanfiction artist and self critic.

7 thoughts on “Accepting Prompts

  1. 1) HP xover Addams Family (could include Hannibal or Moriarty too). Harry, as a the last remaining Black, is taken in by the Addams Family, their distant relatives. He (or she) then is introduced to Dark society and officially courted by only the most prominent of Dark families through the preferred Addams method, clever and artistic murder. [Basically, I just want to read a courtship through murder fic]
    2) I don’t know why this is sticking in my head so much, but I really want to read an overprotective big brother Spock who feels he needs to have a…discussion with one professor Snape about his treatment of his adopted younger sister Harriett. [The sarcasm abounds although I’m really just fixating on that one scene and don’t know if it would be a compelling fic beyond that point]


  2. Hi is it possible to have more Bella crossovers? I really love the Jane Austin crossovers with her. I love reading how she fits so well into that era. Or even a continuation of some of the Harry / creature fics. I would love to see Harry’s life as a Veela’s mate , vampire mate, werewolf mate, Elf mate, or tritons mate. But more the Triton mate or Veela mate where he enters a new world.


    1. Hi, quick question … but I may just start writing if inspiration strikes! Re: Bella crossovers. Do you just like Pride and Prejudice or can ANY Jane Austen work qualify? I’m having a James Purefoy fangirl moment (he was in the 1998(?) Mansfield Park) … but it may very well pass.


      1. I’ll take whatever you give me honestly for the Jane Austen works! Whatever you write I know its going to be a treat!!! But honestly I just recently watch Charlie Countryman I just thought what kind of pairing Bella and Nigel would make (LOVE MADS)! I really want to see loyal Bella with loyal but also psycho Nigel. lol but yeah anything you give me I’ll take!!!! My mind just doesn’t know when to stop imaging it honestly keeps me up at night….


      2. Oh my … good god. Has that ever even been done? *bites lip*. I think I’m having a fan girl freak out mads love moment!

        So cannot promise anything quite so specific in my time window, but I’m going to let that play in my brain.

        … and I just had a vision of them walking a dachshund together. *eep*


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