Winter’s Light

Author: ExcentrykeMuse
Redux: a fem!redux of The Death Mist

Pairing(s): Voldemort/OFC (not quite fem!Harry/Voldemort)

Word Count: 46k

Summary: She knew she was the daughter of Sirius Black, but her life was one hiding in plain sight. Then, quite unexpectedly, the Dark Lord wanted to her to step into the light, as his seer, as his lover… and as his wife. A massive redux of The Death Mist.


pureblood culture, pureblood bigotry, lemon, glorifying in the dark arts, secret marriage, secret identity, incest (magical not biological), Harry doesn’t get the girl, Draco doesn’t get the girl either

Chapter Index

Chapter Playlist

  • “Safe&Sound,” Taylor Swift
  • “Haunted,” Taylor Swift
  • “Sad, Beautiful, Tragic,” Taylor Swift
  • “Picture To Burn,” Taylor Swift
  • “Begin Again,” Taylor Swift
  • “Style,” Taylor Swift
  • “Red,” Taylor Swift
  • “Out of the Woods,” Taylor Swift
  • “White Horse,” Taylor Swift
  • “Love Story,” Taylor Swift
  • “Crazier,” Taylor Swift
  • “Enchanted,” Taylor Swift

Author’s Notes

On the name “Imbolc.”

Imbolc is a pagan festival on 2 February that marks the beginning of spring from the Celtic Fringe, specifically Ireland. With the introduction of Christianity, 2 February became Candlemas or the “mass of candles.” Sometimes, it is considered a day of ‘light in winter,’ hence the title of this fic.
Also, 2 February is now known as St. Brigid’s Day and is celebrated in Ireland.
The name was chosen because “Imbolc” is associated with light and as the niece of Lucius Malfoy and the daughter of Lux Kingsley Black (“Lucius” and “Lux” meaning “light”), it seemed like an obvious choice (coupled with its pagan roots).
The character of Imbolc was born 2 February 1980.

Why Taylor Swift??

It’s actually quite simple, really. I was just listening to TS on repeat when I wrote “Winter’s Light.” — I was also listening to “Angel,” by Theory of a Deadman. As such, the fic was almost named “Angel,” but Imbolc isn’t quite angelic…

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