TimeSkip (Chapter Index)

Author: ExcentrykeMuse
Fandom(s): Star Trek (Reboot), the Twilight Saga, (Star Trek: Discovery, the Time Traveler’s Wife)
Pairing(s): Spock/Bella
Secondary Pairing(s): Kirk/Pike, Amanda/Sarek
One Sided Pairing(s): (Spock)/Nyota, (Edward)/Bella

Wordcount: 45k
Status: Incomplete, some continuity issues (due to the nature of trying to spontaneously write about time travel)

Summary: Bella Swan knew that she was going to die–Tyler’s van was skidding directly toward her. Closing her eyes, she finds that she’s no longer bracing herself in the parking lot of Forks High but somewhere warm and sunny and there seems to be grass… and there’s a presence in her mind, strange and yet intimately beloved… t’hy’la.

Warnings: time travel, xenophobia, secret marriage, age discrepancy (due to time travel), inter-special marriage, underage pregnancy, mentions of abortion, t’hy’la, vampires, vampire mates, stalking (Edward), Edward!bashing, Nyota is not the heroine of this love story, Michael Burnham is confused, mentions of religion and logic, character death (canon), genocide (canon), minor slash (m/m), unfinished

Chapter Index

Author’s Note

I have absolutely no excuse for this. I had just moved, all of my things were in boxes … and I have no excuse whatsoever.

Takes place roughly at the end of Twilight and during Star Trek (2009) with a small aside to the beginning of a story arc from Into Darkness.

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