Perfect Illusion (Chapter Index)

Title: Perfect Illusion
Original Alternate Version (also unfinished): Haunted

Fandom: Harry Potter Series, MCU, (Suits), (hints of Poldark)
Pairing(s): Harry/Loki, Tony Stark/Lily Evans
Secondary Pairing(s): (past) Lily Evans Potter/James Potter, (one sided) Tony Stark/Pepper Potts

Wordcount: 30k
Rating: PG13
Status: unfinished

Summary: When Tony Stark is captured and waterboarded in Afghanistan, it’s not Pepper’s voice he hears in his mind… but the girl who got away … Lily. Little did he know but when she left him it was to protect the life of their unborn child – Anthony Howard or “Harry” – a boy with green eyes who is waiting for his real father to find him.

Warning(s): slash (m/m), age difference (1000+/13), infidelity, secret relationships, Harry is not a Potter, pureblood culture, pureblood bias, prophecy, Norse gods, jealous Pepper, decent Petunia, character death (canon), Loki being Loki

Chapter Index


As anyone who knows Harry Potter or the MCU knows, the timelines don’t match up. Harry is born in 1980, goes to Hogwarts in 1991, and defeats Voldemort in 1998.

Tony Stark is still messing about as a playboy until he gets captured in Afghanistan in about 2008.

I decided to sync the timelines, therefore, to Harry’s timeline. I figure, Stark technology can just be really advance and Desert Storm had just happened in Afghanistan – opening up the possibility for Tony’s kidnapping in the 90s.

Song Index

The title is taken from Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion, which I played on repeat obsessively when going through the first major edit of this story back in September 2018.

Harry listens to the 70s British rock band Squeeze, 70s British rock band Queen, and the 80s American rock band Nirvana.

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