Of Power and Prestige (co-authored with Ell Roche)

Title: Of Power and Prestige

Authors: Ell Roche and ExcentrykeMuse

Pairings: Tom Riddle/Girl!Harry Potter

Secondary Pairings: James Potter/Isadore Vaisey, Charlus Potter/Dorea Black, and background pairings.

Note: This is set in the same universe as Ell Roche’s “Of Ancestry and Honor”, which can be found in her “Chancing Chaos” collection. It’s very AU. If you don’t read that first, this will make little sense; it explains the James Potter/Isadore Vaisey pairing, as he didn’t marry Lily Evans.

A Note on Characters: This was a collaboration. Every chapter (excepting the Prologue and Epilogues) were written half by Ell Roche and half by ExcentrykeMuse. Specifically, the first half of every chapter, that focused primarily on Haesel, were written by Ell Roche. The second half of every chapter, that focused on Tom Riddle, were written by Excentrykemuse. It wasn’t a perfect system. It almost went off the rails, but this is the end product. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: The following is posted with the express permission of Ell Roche.

Summary: Nothing could tempt Marvolo, Lord Slytherin, to leave the Lone Islands—except, perhaps, for Lady Haesel Potter, the most powerful witch of her generation. When Marvolo decides to come courting . . . well, lives change. 


age difference, alternate universe, dark themes, genderbending, original characters, minor fusion with the Chronicles of Narnia, and violence.


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