Monster in Me: Femme Fatale Version

Title: Monster in Me: Femme Fatale Version
Author: ExcentrykeMuse

Fandom: Harry Potter Series
Pairing(s): fem!twin!Harry/Voldemort, Harry/Draco
Secondary Pairing(s): fem!twin!Harry/OMC, (one sided) fem!twin!Harry/Cedric
Past Pairing(s): James Potter/OFC, Lily Evans/Severus Snape, (one sided) James Potter/Lily Evans, Sirius Black/OFC

Rating: R
Wordcount: 94.5k

Summary: Halcyone Potter had always known she wasn’t the daughter of Lily Evans Snape. Yes, she shared the same birthday with her “twin” Harry Potter (another complication not even magic could explain), but there was a secret, a secret so volatile and dangerous no one was telling her. …a secret which made her the perfect bride for the Dark Lord.

Warnings: rule 63, Potter twins, slash (m/m), het (f/m), intergenerational incest (purebloods), crossgen (30/16), magical divorce, secret marriages, infidelity, line theft (rape), attempted rape and assault, pureblood politics and culture, Death Eaters, torture, death (mostly canon), poisoning, assassination, metamorphamagus abilities (or not), mild internal homophobia, blatant original characters

Chapter Index

Halcyone & Voldemort (31 July, 1996)

James & Maia (3 July, 1979)

Halcyone & Voldemort (01&04 August, 1996)

Halcyone & Voldemort (15 August, 1996)

James & Maia (7 July, 1979)

Halcyone & Voldemort (18 August, 1996)

Halcyone & Voldemort (31 August, 1996)

James & Maia (24 July, 1979)

Halcyone & Voldemort (3 September, 1996)

Halcyone & Voldemort (Sept.-Oct., 1996)

James & Maia (31 August, 1979)

Halcyone & Voldemort (7&8 November, 1996)

Halcyone & Voldemort (18 November, 1996)

James & Maia (27 October, 1979)

Halcyone & Voldemort (21-23 December, 1996)

Halcyone & Voldemort (Dec. 1996 to Jan. 1997)

James & Maia (31 December, 1979)

Halcyone & Voldemort (2-3 January, 1997)

Halcyone & Voldemort (4&8 January, 1997)

James & Maia (Jan.-July, 1980)

Halcyone & Voldemort (15 February, 1997)

Halcyone & Voldemort (Feb.-June, 1997)

Halcyone & Voldemort (June-July, 1997)

James & Maia (31 October, 1980)

Song References

  • “Monster in Me” by Little Mix (youtube lyric video)
  • general reference to “Femme Fatale,” album by Britney Spears

Convoluted Family Tree

This is a family tree, created by excentrykemuse, for this fic. Members of the Gaunt Family are in blue; everyone else is in purple.

A Note on Names

Names, as always, mean so much in Harry Potter culture. When creating background characters, names are always important. When naming fem versions of Harry Potter, it can get a little tricky.

Version of Alcyone. She was one of the Pleides (as is “Maia” and “Merope”). Shortened version: Hallie.
In the original version of this fanfic, Hallie was a fem version of Harry, so the name stemmed from there.
See full meaning at Behind the Name.

All members of the Gaunt families (even an alternate version of Harry Potter) have names beginning with “M.” Marvolo, Merope, Morfin, &c. I’d used a version of this name before in Forgotten First Impressions.
See full meaning at Behind the Name.

Once again, an “M” name was needed. I named Maia for one of the Pleides, as Merope was so named.
See full meaning at Behind the Name.

Trying to decide what Severus Snape would name his son was difficult. Clemens, however, is a rare Latin name, and seemed appropriate. It was also a name completely opposite from “Harry,” Lily’s other child.
See full meaning at Behind the Name.

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