ManEating Cycle

Author: ExcentrykeMuse
Fandom: Hannibal (TV)
Secondary Fandom(s): Jagten (the Hunt), Sherlock (BBC)
Pairing(s): Hannigram

Wordcount: 49k
Rating: MA

Warning(s): cannibalism, alternate first meeting, will loves hannibal, hannibal loves will, feelings, klara is hannibal’s daughter, is this a fusion?, mischa is alive, character death, talk of blood, menstrual cycles (sorry fellas), incest, murder, jealousy, alana bashing, mycroft has feelings, sherlock may have jumped off of that building (you decide), john hits on women (that’s normal), cliffhanger (this will be a trilogy)

Chapter Index (Book I – ManEater)

Chapter Index (Book II)

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Chapter Index (Book III)

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  1. An animal that has the propensity for killing and eating humans.
  2. A dominant woman who has many sexual partners.
  3. A song by Daryl Hall & John Oats. Watch it here.

NaNoWriMo 2020

The first draft of ManEater was written as part of National Novel Writing Month 2020 (November 2020). It was edited in December ’20 and January ’21 and released on this website (without its “revealing prologue”) in February 2021.


Un chevalier peut-il épouser un comte? | Can a knight marry a count?

Bien sûr que oui. | But of course.

Belle en bleu. | {You look} good in blue.

“Garde Klara.” | Guard Klara.

ManEater Word Games

Oven. When John came home and found his latest experiment in the oven and declared they had to go out to eat, Sherlock didn’t mention that anything was out of the ordinary. 11/11/2020 ch. 5

Moonset. Not even the natural shine of the night sky seemed to filter through, so it was past moonset on his December dreamland. 12/11/2020 ch. 6

Madness. Pure dread and a light-headed sort of madness coursed through will at her pronouncement and he was glad he was leaning against the kitchen counter. 13/11/2020 ch. 6

Sparkle. It was dull, damp, wet, without a bit of the sparkle that Klara enjoyed in Maryland snow. 14/11/2020 ch. 7

Papercut. “Something light and simple for your first,” Hannibal promised.  A kiss was now placed on the tip of Will’s thumb, over the papercut that Klara badly bandaged earlier that day with one of her pink plasters. 21/11/2020 ch. 8

Casting, &c.

Mischa Lecter Holmes — I imagine — as Alexa Davalos, so that she has a similar colouring to Abigail Hobbs. I know that in cannon Mischa has blonde hair, but blonde hair can deepen to a dark brown with red/auburn highlights. Alexa is known for her work (among other things) in Angel and The Man in the High Castle.

For those who don’t follow Danish drama, Klara is a main character in the Mads Mikkelsen film The Hunt (Jagten). She is played by the child actress Annika Wedderkopp. Enough said.

I imagine Mummy Holmes as none other than the incomparable Helena Bonham Carter who played the role in Enola Holmes. She looks a bit like Benedict Cumberbatch, don’t you think?

If you didn’t catch the reference, Will’s half-sister is none other than Paris Gellar from the Gilmore Girl franchise. This is a nod to my own mother-daughter relationship and the many nights spent watching this show with my mum growing up. Paris is portrayed by Liza Weil. She’s hilarious!

Gabija is a nod to the character of Gabi (Nigel’s wife) in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. Gabi (Gabriel) is Mads Mikkelsen’s character’s unfaithful wife and muse. I took the name and kind of stretched it a bit.

Fanart, &c.

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