The Lioness & The Stag (Chapter Index)

Title: The Lioness & The Stag
Cycle: Part of the Breoch Cycle
Author: ExcentrykeMuse

Fandom: Game of Thrones (TV Show)
Ultimate Pairing(s): Stannis Baratheon/OFC (Lannister)
Secondary Pairing(s): Jaime/Cersei (referenced)

Wordcount: 24K
Rating: MA

Note(s): Avlinda was named for a nurse who arguably saved my father’s life when he was mugged and brought into the A&E. I began to write this when he was in the hospital and I needed to put my energy into something other than worrying. This–in essence–is dedicated to Nurse Avlinda.

Summary: A more political variation. Ilse Breoch (called “Breoch” or “Bree” by all who love her) is the beloved youngest child of Tywin by a nameless Septa. Cersei, now queen, invites her little sister to King’s Landing for a Tourney in her honor … in the hopes that Breoch will find the love that has eluded the Lannister siblings.

Warning(s): illegitimacy, inconstancy, seduction, manipulation, attempted poisoning, hints of incest (Jaime and Cersei), political maneuvering, fluff, slow burn, (possible) dom/sub undertones (but not really), belief that you are your house sigil

Chapter Index

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