Beneath the Moonless Sky (Chapter Index)

Title: Beneath the Moonless Sky
Cycle: Part of the Breoch Cycle
Author: ExcentrykeMuse

Fandom: Game of Thrones (TV Show)
Influences: Outlander (I ♡ Tobias Menzies)
Pairing(s): Edmure Tully/OFC (Lannister)
Secondary Pairing(s): Catelyn/Ned

Wordcount: 29K
Rating: R

Summary: (pre-GoT) Ilse is handmaid and cousin to Ser Jaime’s legal daughter and heir. When Edmure Tully comes courting, Ilse disappears into the waves to forget the fact that her life will never change, that she will never be swept off her feet, only to find that’s exactly what was quietly happening all along… a story of forbidden romances, Lannisters, and a Edmure who actually had a bit of a spine this time around.

Warning(s): illegitimacy, physical abuse of servants, manipulation (this is a game of thrones), arrange/forced marriage, Lannisters

Chapter Index

Ilse Breoch Cycle

The “Breoch Cycle” is a cycle of six chaptered fics that focus on my OFC Ilse Breoch.

You’ll notice that Ilse evolves — in terms of personality and physical characteristics — throughout the story. She begins with ash brown hair from Northern Southron as opposed to pure golden hair, and looks a great deal like her cousin Cerzainya. She is also the granddaughter of Kevan Lannister (her father being legitimized).

At some point, she becomes the daughter of Tywin Lannister, a tool to be used, which shifts to the position of legitimate heir.

She was written, essentially, because I adore Tobias Menzies as an actor and felt he got a bit short changed in both Outlander (his wife goes back in time and falls in love with another man) and then Game of Thrones (his wife is a plant).

The Isle cycle are essentially fairytales in Game of Thrones that I wrote when my father was ill and I needed something to distract myself.

A Note on Names

Ilse: Dutch and German form of Elizabeth.
More on Ilse at

Breoch: Supposed place name, created by meshing several together from Scotland. (there’s a bit of “brie” in there as in the cheese, and the ending of “loch” or lake)

Cerzainya: Name created for the daughter of Jaime and Cersei who was supposedly born before her marriage to Robert Baratheon.
Cersei +n + ia: means (hypothetically) “little Cersei”

Song Index

Where would I be without some sort of musical influence?

The title of this song can be completely blamed on “Beneath the Moonless Sky” from Love Never Dies. It is a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and is intended as the sequel to Phantom of the Opera.

I saw it live in London once upon a yesteryear.

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