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Excentrykemuse has been writing fanfic since 2008 when she fell into the realization that she could not read Pride and Prejudice a fifteenth time that calendar year… there had to be a solution to “darcy devotion.” Frankly, what she found was not a solution … but a one way trip down the rabbit hole.

Since then, she has been active in various fandoms including (but not limited to) Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Trek, BBC Sherlock, Game of Thrones … and does the list never end?

Correct Answer: Hopefully.
Honest Answer: Probably not.

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Excentrykemuse is a current and active fanfic author. She discusses new and continuing works on her blog

What’s a Fandom?

fandom is a product of love and imagination…

Fandom is anything and everything created by fans of … just about anything (but usually limited to movies, tv shows, literature, and manga/anime).

It is not to be confused with canon, which is what the original author/creator produced.

Excentyrkemuse (or “Cen”) is a fanfic (fanfiction) author from nowhere in particular other than her imagination.


…this is a virtual archive or library…

Excentryke’s Musing is a fanfiction archive of excentrykemuse. Other usernames include excentryke, cen, saelkiebride.

This is the only authorized publication and/or collection of any fic by excentrykemuse. All trading is without her permission.

Please do not copy to any other site or archive.

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