Forgotten First Impressions

Summary: Elizabeth Bennet was in love with the hazy memory of the father of her child. Only problem is – five years later – studio exec Fitzwilliam Darcy is capturing not only her ire, but is featuring more and more in her dreams. Also, her precocious daughter thinks Darcy’s a fairytale prince, which doesn’t help matters.

A tale of love forgotten, love regained, and a little bit of angst and confusion in between.

Author: ExcentrykeMuse
Beta Reader: hopefulru

Pairing(s): Elizabeth/Darcy.
Secondary Pairing(s): Jane/Wickham. Jane/Charles. Jane/OMC.

Notes: Modern Day AU.

Word count: 70k.

Rating: NC17 (MA).

Warnings: dubcon (past), noncon (evil Wickham), party drugs, underage drinking, nasty Jane, abusive Mr. Bennet, lesbian Lydia, teenage pregnancy. This story is HET.

Chapter Index

Dedicated to KTE.

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