Fairy Dust

Fandom: Harry Potter/Artemis Fowl
By: ExcentrykeMuse

Pairing: Harry/Artemis
Side Pairing(s): Draco/Viktor
Past Pairing(s) Lily/Severus, Lily/James, James/Sirius, Sirius/Regulus, Amarante/Apolline

Summary: AU: Artemis Fowl was always greedy, selfish and alone—and now he wants Harry Potter and is determined not only to make Harry fall in love with him but rescue him from the wizarding world. SLASH.

Word Count: 79k

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Chan, Age Discrepancy (17/14), Lemonade, Unintentional Voyeurism, MPreg, Blackcest (pre-story), Non-con (pre-story), Character Death (pre-story; canon)

Chapter Index

A couple of notes on inspiration and context:

This work was inspired by a snippet written by Bittersweet Alias.

“Fairy Dust” was written and published in Spring 2010. As such, all characters bear direct relation to the original books and not the Disney+ movie.

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