Enchanted Story Index

Title: Enchanted
Author: excentrykemuse

Summary: Loki had once again traveled to Midgard and was so bored he was nearly ready to leave it again. The problem was, he wasn’t expecting a singularly attractive Midgardian to distract him for an evening. He also hadn’t expected that this mortal would leave a piece of him behind.
Wordcount: 16K+

Fandom(s): Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
Refined Fandom(s): pre-Iron Man, pre-Thor.
Pairing(s): FrostIron (Tony Stark/Loki of Asgard)
Secondary Pairing(s): Thor/Original Female Character

Warning(s): celebrity impressions (Tony hangs with a certain crowd), slash (m/m), abandoned fic, extraterrestrial relations, extraterrestrial prejudices and hangups, mpreg, child abandonment (past, canon), Thor’s an idiot (fyi)
Written: summer 2013, post Iron Man 3 (that should tell you something about what’s going on)

Playlist (unfinished, obviously)

  1. “Enchanted,” by Taylor Swift
  2. “Human,” by Christina Perri
  3. “Supernova,” by Mr. Hudson feat. Kanye West
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