The Breoch Cycle … or Variations on an Original Female Lannister

I. Beneath the Moonless Sky

Ilse is the handmaiden of her cousin, the heiress of Tywin Lannister. She dreams of waves and dances, only to find her savior in the most likely of places.

Edmure Tully/Ilse | Six Parts | 29k | R

II. Doppleganger

Ilse is the handmaiden and close friend of her cousin, Cerzainya. At King’s Landing Edmure Tully mistakes her for her eligible mistress… and she finds herself falling in love despite herself.

Edmure Tully/Ilse | Standalone Fic | 13k | R

III. Dancing and the Old Gods

Ilse is a recognized Lannister and her great uncle Tywin is eager to find the best match for her … and her family. The only problem is that she cannot love where it was not meant to be, and when she does find love, the Old Gods of the North whom she has known since she was a small girl whisper that he’s meant for another.

Edmure Tully/Ilse |Standalone Fic | 6.2k | PG13
features possible Robb Stark/Ilse and Loras Tyrell/Ilse

IV. the Septa’s Daughter

A darker look at the Breoch Cycle.

Ilse is the daughter of Tywin Lannister and a Septa who kidnapped her from Casterley Rock when she was still a child. Now, desperate for freedom, she accepts the hand of Edmure Tully who is enamored of her at first sight, only to find herself in a hell of her own choosing.

Takes place during Game of Thrones.

Edmure Tully/Ilse |Standalone Fic & Sequel | 20k | MA

V. The Lioness & the Stag

A more political variation.

Ilse Breoch (called “Breoch” or “Bree” by all who love her) is the beloved youngest child of Tywin by a nameless Septa. Cersei, now queen, invites her little sister to King’s Landing for a Tourney in her honor … in the hopes that Breoch will find the love that has eluded the Lannister siblings.

Ilse/suitors | Six Parts | 24k | MA

VI. The Sparrow

A tragic look at the variation, though with romance and hopes of redemption.

Jaime Lannister is released from the Kingsguard and returns home to Casterley Rock and to his daughter – Cerzainya. While visiting a local Sept to thank the gods for his good fortune, he sees an acolyte and falls immediately in love with her. Only problem is … she might be a Lannister bastard pledged to service…

Jaime Lannister/Ilse | Three Parts | 11k | R

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