Beautiful, the Dark Heir

Title: Beautiful, The Dark Heir
Original Author:
Bittersweet Alias
Adopted & Continued by ExcentrykeMuse with the original author’s permission. 
*Chapters 1 through 10 by Bittersweet Alias and beta’d by ExcentrykeMuse.

Rating: MA
Wordcount: 77k

Fandom: Harry Potter Series
Pairing: Micah Montague/Harry Potter

Summary: How did it get like this? How did he become the Dark Heir? Micah Montague didn’t know. The chase started simply to see if he could possess Harry, a Gryffindor.

Warnings: Drama, Violence, Angst, Romance, Language, Sexual Situations, Underage Sex (15), Possible MPREG, Dark Harry. THIS WORK IS ABANDONED.

Chapter Index

History of “Beautiful”

Way back when in 2008/2009, when nobody remotely knew about me outside of a few entries in lj oneshot contests, I began to write and post Poison Paradise.

I was an avid reader of Bittersweet Alias and when she decided to retire from fanfiction (although she did make a reapparance at one point), I applied to adopt one of her fics as a long shot. After many emails later with her “deputy” in the matter, my long time collaborator Kamerreon, I was gifted with the future of “Beautiful”.

Well, I became a bit of an instant celebrity overnight on (or at least it seemed that way to little ole me) and gained countless followers who wanted to see the fic finished and realized. Sadly, it never was. I received a great many flames when my vision was not as they would wish, haters came out of the woodwork, and I quickly took down the fic (both the original chapters by Bittersweet and those continued on by me).

I sojourned on with Of Princes and Fireflies and the Enchantment Series, and the rest (as they say) is history.

Beautiful, the Dark Heir is posted here by request.

For those of you who like it, thank you for reading. You are the life’s blood of fanfic authors like me. Your support means everything.

If you do not like Beautiful as it now stands, I’ll redirect you elsewhere. There’s plenty of fic out on the web…

Happy reading, my darlings, as always. -cen

A Note on Characterization

When I first inherited “Beautiful,” Harry was written as effeminate, childlike, and a bit of a flirt.

I went back and edited the first ten chapters to show him as innocent despite emotional and psychological abuse, looking for love, and uncomfortable when certain people showed sexual interest in him.

It’s a different way of reading the character and his actions. Please be aware of this if you proceed.

More by Bittersweet Alias

Bittersweet has reemerged on the web with some of her fanfiction. To my knowledge, she hasn’t been active online for over five years and I wish her the best with wherever life takes her.

You can find some of her old works under the name “RestartingInsanity” on

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