Skipping Stones

Title: Skipping Stones (or, Subliminal Messages)Author: excentrykemuse Wordcount: 2kFandom(s): Harry Potter Series (HP3, specifically)Pairing(s): Harry/Marcus Written for: @lissataylor1Prompt: Harry Potter/Marcus Flint Summary: Harry knew Hermione would say (if they were speaking) that he was “exploring his sexuality.”  Somehow, whatever he had with Marcus (even if he did look like a troll) seemed slightly more significantContinue reading “Skipping Stones”

Poor Unfortunate Soul

Title: Poor Unfortunate SoulAuthor: excentrykemuse Fandom: Harry Potter SeriesPairing(s): Harry Potter/Lucius Malfoy (if you squint)Secondary Pairing(s): Lucius/Narcissa (canon), Draco/Astoria (mentioned) Wordcount: ~2k For: TVRNPrompt: Oohh! I’ve been thinking about Little Mermaid AU where Lucius helps out Harry for a price 😉 or generally merman!Harry is totally my jam!Summary: Lucius had a niche on wish magic,Continue reading “Poor Unfortunate Soul”

Forget Me Nott

Title: Forget Me NottAuthor: excentrykemuseFandom(s): Harry PotterPairing(s): Harry/Theo, (one sided) Harry/Ginny Wordcount: 1.7kWritten: August 23, 2020 Written For: @ArquennielPrompt: I would love to see a Theo Nott/Harry pairing. Maybe part of the Enchantment series. Harry thought they were dreams at first, and perhaps they were. He would lie in bed next to Ginny, listening toContinue reading “Forget Me Nott”