TITLE: SweetenerAUTHOR: ExcentrykeMuseWRITTEN: October 09-10, 2018 WORDCOUNT: 21k FANDOM: The Man in the High Castle, Season 2PAIRING(S): Juliana Crain/Martin HeusmannSECONDARY PAIRING(S): (one sided) Juliana Crain/Joe Blake, (past, one sided) Juliana Crain/Takeshi Kido SUMMARY: Joe Blake had to admit it: his father, Reichsminister Martin Heusmann, knew how to throw a party … and this one hadContinue reading “Sweetener”

Skipping Stones

Title: Skipping Stones (or, Subliminal Messages)Author: excentrykemuse Wordcount: 2kFandom(s): Harry Potter Series (HP3, specifically)Pairing(s): Harry/Marcus Written for: @lissataylor1Prompt: Harry Potter/Marcus Flint Summary: Harry knew Hermione would say (if they were speaking) that he was “exploring his sexuality.”  Somehow, whatever he had with Marcus (even if he did look like a troll) seemed slightly more significantContinue reading “Skipping Stones”

The Wendigo’s Secret Crush

TITLE: THE WENDIGO’S SECRET CRUSHAuthor: excentrykemuse Written: 23 August, 2020 Wordcount: 8kFandom(s): Harry Potter / Hannibal Extended Universe / Addams Family Pairing(s): fem!Harry/HannibalSecondary Pairing(s): Will Graham/Margot Verger (platonic) Written For: UdalumisPrompt: HP xover Addams Family (could include Hannibal or Moriarty too). Harry, as a the last remaining Black, is taken in by the Addams Family,Continue reading “The Wendigo’s Secret Crush”

Forget Me Nott

Title: Forget Me NottAuthor: excentrykemuseFandom(s): Harry PotterPairing(s): Harry/Theo, (one sided) Harry/Ginny Wordcount: 1.7kWritten: August 23, 2020 Written For: @ArquennielPrompt: I would love to see a Theo Nott/Harry pairing. Maybe part of the Enchantment series. Harry thought they were dreams at first, and perhaps they were. He would lie in bed next to Ginny, listening toContinue reading “Forget Me Nott”